We have been busy!


We have been so busy that there have been no updates since March!  The summer went by quickly. We did several shows and also helped to produce the second Felt-a-Con Puppet Festival here in Seattle.  This autumn, we have focused on pivoting into puppetry more or less full time.  To accomplish that we have been applying for many different master classes.  We were accepted into a stop motion animation course, and a marionette carving and performance course in Prague.  We also have current applications out for a Italian shadow puppet festival, and a summer puppet theatre course at DAMU.  I am happy to share with you our new T-shirt logo designed for us by JP Farquar. This logo (featured above) will be on our new t-shirts which are available on this website to help us raise funds for our education and maintenance in Europe. Please help to spread the word!  We look forward to updating you soon!

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